We Love Giving Back!

We support the Fisantekraal Centre for Development in Durbanville by donating our time and expertise.  We assist by training students in Basic Computers skills, and also developed two new courses for the centre.  Introduction to Web Hosting teaches students the basics of doing technical support for a web hosting company, as well as the intricacies of domain name administration.  The second course Introduction to Web Development teaches students how to create a basic website in WordPress.

We created the new FCD website and provided training and employment in website updating and hosting to one of the students on a short term contract.  Now he is employed by the centre to update their website, amongst other tasks.

We developed a new e-learning system (learning management system) for FCD that they use for online quizzes, as well as training. We trained their staff in using this e-learning system since we believe in the value of transferring skills to empower others.

The Centre does fantastic work!  Please check out their Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdyFSxCZlGQBV017Lb7uL3A, and hear what the students have to say about FCD.

In June-July 2015 we assisted the Protea Valley Church in presenting a Basic Computers skills course for domestic workers in the area.

On 20 June 2015, we supported the WordPress Charity Hackathon by providing labour for free, to build a new website for a charity. The team that we were part of built a website in one day for the FoodBank SA.  Our team receive the first prize for our website design!  Foodbank SA collects surplus food from retailers and wholesalers, then distributes it to organizations who feed the hungry.  It costs only R1.19 to provide a meal to a hungry person via FoodBank.

Another charity that we support is the NPO KidsCan! After School Care and Learning Centre.  It is a p project of Child Welfare SA: Kleinmond.  KidsCan! helps underprivileged and vulnerable children become contributing members of society by offering after school care facilities and activities to improve their education and develop themselves. We support them financially and with our time.

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