Start with your great idea or product  that you want to sell online ! Let’s say you want to sell your novel that you wrote online, or the furniture that you make, then you need:

1. Software that you can use as the storefront:

  • WordPress – Woocommerce plugin;
  • Shopify – Cloud based;
  • Ecwid- Cloud based;

There are many other great eCommerce software solutions like osCommerce, Magenta and others. The ones I have listed here are the easiest ones I know.

Which one to use depends on your budget mostly.

2. A method(s) for clients to pay you. This could as simple as providing your bank detail to a client for an EFT, all the way up to processing credit cards online.

3. A way to make your product visible to clients. Good old marketing. Your product needs to be adverised on the Internet and other media.

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