Here is good news for business owners: you can improve the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your business to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

  1. Be Patient
    Good SEO consists of small changes in various aspects of your website over time. There is no magic bullet or one single thing that you can do that will dramatically improve search results immediately.
  2. Show Google That Your Pages Are Relevant
    Get Google’s attention with the correct search terms e.g. the name of the town where your business is located. Also, your website’s Home page should consist of beautiful photos plus relevant text to the search.
  3. Other Websites Must Have Links That Link to Your Website
    These links are called backlinks i.e. Google checks if your website name appears in links on other websites. Basically, the other websites are confirming that your website is relevant for a specific keyword. Therefore, build links with other websites, especially those relating to your business.
  4. A Clean History
    If your website gets hacked and abused by spammers, Google will penalize it and your ranking will suffer.
  5. The Age of the Domain Name
    A name that was registered some time ago, is still beneficial to a degree. So, even if you want to create a website later, register the name so long.
  6. SEO Is Not Just About Keywords
    Google may penalize a site with language or spelling errors, if pages don’t load fast and if the site is not mobile friendly.
  7. Use Videos
    If you are not convinced that your website needs video content, here are the statistics.Video appears in 14% of Internet search results.
    – 73 % more visitors who watch product videos will buy the product.
    – 71% of consumers think that video explains the product better and are more likely to buy it.
    – 58% of people think that companies with product video can be trusted.
  8. Optimize Your Photos
    Google checks if your website photos are optimized. So, resize photos correctly.
  9. Dynamic Content
    Google likes content that is relevant and dynamic i.e. it changes regularly. Offer your clients regular news updates about products, blog posts and if possible photos and videos.
  10. Use Social Media
    Google checks if your business site is mentioned, recommended or shared via Social media. If this is the case, your website’s ranking will benefit. The sheer number of Social Media choices can be overwhelming but start with a Facebook or YouTube page.

What is the first step a business owner can take to improve SEO?
Content is king! If there is any one key to higher Google ranking, then it is original and relevant content. Google tries to match a search to relevant content. These days that also includes video, photos and social media that has content relevant to the search.

Have there been many changes in how Google ranks websites?
Yes, Google’s search algorithms are constantly changing. Last year there were 500-600 minor and major updates. For example, in 2015 Google announced “Mobilegeddon”. This change meant that mobile friendly websites will get a better page ranking than those that are not mobile friendly.

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