sell from website

Sell to clients via your website, whether they are browsing with a computer or cellphone, or sell via Facebook! Ecommerce has never been easier, because an e-commerce website no longer needs to be programmed from scratch.

This is because there are many free and paid for tools available for anything from online-mega stores to a specialised small business. It even caters for Ouma (grandma) who wants to sell her milktarts with the secret recipe online.

Two examples are WordPress using the Woocommerce plugin and the ecommerce widget EcWid (see There are many others as well.

WordPress (using the Woocommerce plugin) is a stand-alone, comprehensive, open source ecommerce system, and supports South African payment gateways.

EcWid is integrated into any existing website, so you do not need to program anything. If your shop is part of an existing website, then EcWid is a good solution.

Where to start?
Start with your great idea that you want to sell online! Let’s say you want to sell your novel that you wrote online, or the furniture that you make, then you need:

Software that you can use as the storefront
A method(s) for clients to pay you
A way to make your product visible to clients
Your own domain name
Your own website

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